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NCAA Bracket 2011 Update: Scores From The Southwest Region

The first three rounds of the 2011 NCAA men's basketball tournament are in the books. The First Four took place last Tuesday and Wednesday, and the second round was held on Thursday and Friday. The third round, also known as the round of 32 teams, took place on Saturday and Sunday, narrowing down the field to just 16 teams.

In the Southwest Region, Kansas is the only single-digit seed still alive. The other three teams are the No. 10, No. 11 and No. 12 seeds. No. 1 Kansas will take on No. 12 Richmond, and No. 10 Florida State will play No. 11 VCU. Both of these games will take place on Friday in San Antonio, with the winners meeting on Sunday for a spot in the Final Four.

Below is a look back at the scores from the first three rounds of the NCAA tournament's Southwest Region bracket and how the aforementioned four teams made it to the Sweet 16. There is also a schedule for this week's Southwest Region Sweet 16 games.

First Four

No. 11 VCU def. No. 11 USC, 59-46

Second Round

No.1 Kansas def. No. 16 Boston U, 72-53
No. 9 Illinois def. No. 8 UNLV, 73-62

No. 12 Richmond def. No. 5 Vanderbilt, 69-66
No. 13 Morehead State def. No. 4 Louisville, 62-61

No. 11 VCU def. No. 6 Georgetown, 74-56
No. 3 Purdue def. No. 14 St. Peter's, 65-43

No. 10 Florida State def. No. 7 Texas A&M, 57-50
No. 2 Notre Dame def. No. 15 Akron, 69-56

Third Round

No. 1 Kansas def. No. 11 Illinois, 73-59

No. 12 Richmond def. No. 13 Morehead State, 65-48

No. 11 VCU def. No. 3 Purdue, 94-76

No. 10 Florida State def. No. 2 Notre Dame, 71-57

Sweet 16

No. 1 Kansas vs. No. 12 Richmond (Friday, 7:27 p.m., TBS)

No. 10 Florida State vs. No. 11 VCU (Friday, 9:57 p.m., TBS)

To keep track of the games that have already been played and the games set to be played this week and beyond, check out's printable NCAA tournament 2011 bracket. SB Nation Detroit's NCAA tournament StoryStream has a full Sweet 16 schedule.