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Pistons Take On Bulls Tonight As Dennis Rodman Gets Jersey Retired

Today may be April Fools' Day, but it's no joke that Dennis Rodman will have his No. 10 jersey retired by the Detroit Pistons at halftime of tonight's game against the Chicago Bulls. Rodman actually thought it was an April Fools' joke when the Pistons first alerted him of the news, but tonight he will be at The Palace to have his jersey retired.

As if this day isn't already exciting enough for Rodman, the Detroit Free Press reports that he has been elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame. The news isn't official yet, but an announcement is apparently going to be made on Monday in Houston (the site of the Final Four).

Not to be too lost in the Rodman news is that the Pistons do have a game to play against the Bulls, which have been on fire. Chicago is in first place in the Eastern Conference, and guard Derrick Rose is the frontrunner for the NBA MVP award. The Bulls have a 54-20 record, which is 28 games better than Detroit's 26-48 record.

The Pistons have dropped 10 straight games to the Bulls. The odds certainly favor that streak being run to 11 games, but perhaps Detroit will pull off an upset with Dennis Rodman and many other former players in attendance.