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UConn-Butler Score: Huskies Win NCAA Championship Game, 53-41

One of the more exciting, dramatic NCAA tournaments in recent memory was concluded by quite possibly the most excruciating NCAA championship game of the modern era. UConn won the 2011 NCAA national championship against Butler by a score of 53-41, and yes, it was as tough to watch as the score suggests.

Butler shot an astounding 18.8 percent from the field. Only Shelvin Mack managed to score in double digits for the Bulldogs, and only Ronald Nored managed to score off the bench. Considering he only had two points, you can certainly understand why Butler had such a tough time even cracking 40 points in this game.

UConn didn't shoot well by any means, going 34.5 percent from the field. In this game, however, that was more than good enough to walk away as the winner. UConn outlasted Butler by being the better of two struggling teams, thanks mainly to 16 points by Kemba Walker, 12 points by Jeremy Lamb and 11 points by Alex Oriakhi.

This is UConn's third NCAA championship since 1999. While this game will be remembered for how ugly the play was, at the end of the tournament UConn is the only team left standing. For the Huskies, that is the only thing that matters.

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