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Ryan Perry To The DL With Eye Infection, Robbie Weinhardt Called Up

When Robbie Weinhardt was one of the last cuts of Spring Training, most fans knew he'd be back with the big club at some point this season. Five games in, before the Tigers play a single home game, and on the day of Toledo's Opening Day was probably a little earlier than most expected, though. 

He'll be up with the team today in place of Ryan Perry, who is headed to the DL with an eye infection [via Official Tigers Twitter]:

Tigers place RHP Ryan Perry on 15-day DL retro to 4/5 with infected eye. Tigers recall RHP Robbie Weinhardt from Triple A Toledo.

Perry's infected eye comes from dealing with all the pollen in Florida and not being able to find anything to help it:

Perry has been so affected by the high count for tree pollen prevalent in Florida that his eyes are red. "I never had allergies until I came to Florida," Perry said. "And it’s really bad this year. I’m taking everything I can for it, but nothing seems to help."