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Tate Forcier Reportedly Taken To Hospital After Incident Last Month

Ex-Michigan football player Tate Forcier was involved in an incident last month in Grand Rapids that resulted in a call to police and a trip to the hospital. The details aren't crystal clear about what happened, but WOOD TV in Grand Rapids obtained the police report about the incident.

On April 22, Forcier allegedly locked himself in the bedroom of an apartment on South Division St. The apartment is on the third floor of the building and is where Forcier's girlfriend lives, according to the report.

Police were called by a woman in the apartment who was "concerned Forcier would jump from the window." Police showed up and "were able to get Forcier to open the bedroom door." He was not arrested or anything like that, but he was taken to a hospital.

Per WOOD TV's report, there is no indication as of now if Forcier was trying to commit suicide. Based on the police report saying the woman who called police was worried Forcier would jump, assumptions certainly can be made, but that would not be fair to Forcier considering additional information on what happened is not available right now.

Part of the reason it's not completely clear what happened is because "several details" were redacted from the police report, according to WOOD TV, and the Grand Rapids Police Department declined to provide any more details than what was in the report. I'm sure we'll hear more on this story in the coming days, but right now it's important not to speculate on what went down.