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Jaromir Jagr Wants To Play For Red Wings

Earlier this week rumors started swirling about Jaromir Jagr having interest in playing for the Detroit Red Wings. The rumors suggested that the Red Wings were interested in exploring the idea of signing Jagr, who has been playing hockey in Russia the last few years.

On Thursday, Ansar Khan reported that contact has in fact been made between the Red Wings and Jagr's agent, and apparently both sides are talking right now.

The Red Wings didn’t call Jagr. His agent, Petr Svoboda, called them. But Red Wings general manager Ken Holland has had several conversations with Svoboda, and coach Mike Babcock has spoken to Jagr.

Jagr's agent also got in contact with the Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Rangers and Montreal Canadiens. Khan reports that Jagr's preference would be to sign with the Red Wings in order to play with guys like Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg and potentially Nicklas Lidstrom.

Jagr is 39 years old and will be 40 next February. Although he is up there age-wise, he did score 19 goals and dish out 32 assists in only 49 games last season in the KHL. The Red Wings aren't exactly hurting for scorers or depth at forward, but a lot could happen in the coming weeks to open up a spot for someone like Jagr.