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Michigan-Ohio State Outdoor Hockey Game In Cleveland Not Finalized Yet

Last Friday an announcement about an outdoor hockey game between Michigan and Ohio State was expected to take place in Cleveland. No announcement was made, however. Plans to hold the game at Progressive Field, the Cleveland Indians' home stadium, have not been finalized just yet, delaying the official announcement about the game.

Michigan hockey coach Red Berenson was planning on being at the announcement, but he did not make the trip to Cleveland since there was nothing to announce. At this point all he knows is that Michigan will play at Ohio State on Jan. 15, 2012. Where that game is held is up to Ohio State.

"We've done everything in our end, and they have to get their ducks in order. I can't tell you whether it's ticketing or marketing of the game, but they have to work all those things out.

"We know we're going to play Ohio State. It's just a matter of where we're going to play them. I think it's going to happen, but I wouldn't get too far in front of this until they finally announce it."

If the game does in fact take place outdoors as most expect it will, Michigan will be involved in an outdoor game for three seasons in a row. Two seasons ago the Wolverines played at Wisconsin's Camp Randall Stadium and last year Michigan took on Michigan State in "The Big Chill at the Big House." Now, barring a wrench being thrown in Ohio State's plans, the Buckeyes will host Michigan at Progressive Field next January.