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Yost Arena Renovation Approved By Michigan Regents

Yost Arena, the home of the Michigan hockey team, will undergo a renovation after next season. The renovation was approved last week by the University of Michigan Board of Regents.


The latest construction project for Michigan athletics will upgrade one of the oldest buildings on campus. The bleacher seats will be replaced, ADA accessible seating will be created and loge boxes will be installed. The renovation will also reconfigure the press box and add "new premium seating opportunities."


Aside from the seating upgrades, the other big part of the renovation is the concourse upgrade. Yost's concourses are notoriously compact, and the renovation will work to improve them quite a bit. Also, new exterior windows will be added to allow for some outside light to liven up the arena.


This renovation is going to cost $14 million. It follows the mini-renovation Yost is receiving this summer in the form of a brand new HD scoreboard, which was almost fully installed as of this past Saturday.