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NBA Trade Rumors: Pistons Willing To Move Down On Draft Day?

The Detroit Pistons have been linked to numerous NBA trade rumors in the last half-year, but no moves have actually ever happened. The supposed deal to send Richard Hamilton to the Nets fizzled out, as did the rumored three-team deal with Cleveland and Minnesota that would have sent him packing.

As the 2011 NBA Draft nears, it's clear that there will be a lot of activity trade-wise, but will any of it involve the Pistons? There's no telling what could happen with players like Hamilton or somebody else already on the team, but as far as picks go, the Pistons could move down if the player they want isn't there. According to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, the player they may want is San Diego State's Kawhi Leonard.

The Pistons have told teams they won’t trade down until they see who drops to them on draft night, sources said. In what could be an interesting window into the Pistons’ preferences, San Diego State forward Kawhi Leonard worked out for Detroit on Monday, and shortly thereafter cancelled his Wednesday workout with the Milwaukee Bucks, who have the 10th pick. Several executives believe Leonard may have left Auburn Hills with a guarantee.

Obviously a decent offer would have to come along for the Pistons to move down even if the player they want isn't available, but with so much movement expected, Detroit should have plenty of options come Thursday night.