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Red Wings Agree To Terms With Joey MacDonald

Goaltender Joey MacDonald was not originally planning on coming back to the Red Wings next season. He was holding out hope for a one-way deal that would give him a chance to play all year in the NHL, and if that didn't work out he reportedly had an offer to play in Russia.

Things have changed and the plan has been altered, because MacDonald agreed to a two-year deal with the Red Wings on Monday. There were indications last week that something might be in the works with MacDonald, and now he is set to be with the Red Wings organization for the next two seasons.

Re-signing MacDonald helps with the Red Wings' depth at goalie, but he will not serve as the backup goaltender unless an injury happens. Jim Nill said that MacDonald is "a little insurance policy," so chances are MacDonald will be in the same role as last season. He will spend time in Grand Rapids, but if an injury happens to Jimmy Howard or the backup goalie, MacDonald could be called up to Detroit.

Right now it's not clear if MacDonald's deal is a one-way or two-way contract.

UPDATE: MacDonald is in fact on a two-way contract for 2011-12, so he will be able to move freely between Detroit and Grand Rapids. In 2012-13, his contract is a one-way deal.