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Red Wings' Ken Holland To Meet With Chris Osgood On Thursday

It seems the Detroit Red Wings' backup goaltender situation could be figured out by the end of the week. After originally hoping to fill the vacancy when free agency opened at the start of the month, Red Wings general manager Ken Holland has spent the last few weeks debating if the team should re-sign Chris Osgood or sign a free agent like Ty Conklin instead.

Earlier this week Holland said he was finally ready to make a decision; he just wants to talk to Osgood first. According to Holland, that discussion is going to happen on Thursday in British Columbia.

Before making a decision, Holland will meet with Chris Osgood in Vernon, British Columbia, Thursday night. Osgood on Tuesday returned to Detroit from his golf trip to Scotland and Ireland.

"We’re going to have a conversation face-to-face," Holland said. "Sometime on Friday or Saturday, after talking to him, I’ll probably have a decision on what we’re doing."

Holland went on to say that he wants to talk to Osgood to make sure he hasn't changed his mind about playing next season. Holland thinks the trip to Europe could have resulted in a change of heart since Osgood had so much time to think things over, but he's not really sure one way or another.

Based on Holland's comments, it sure sounds like the backup goalie job is Osgood's if he wants it. Osgood just needs to make it clear he's ready to play for another season before Holland makes things official.