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Red Wings Schedule Conference Call With Chris Osgood For Tuesday

The Detroit Red Wings have announced that a conference call with goaltender Chris Osgood will be held at noon (Eastern Time) on Tuesday. Details about what the call will be about were not disclosed, but chances are Osgood has re-signed for another season with the team.

When Nicklas Lidstrom re-signed earlier in the offseason, a conference call was similarly scheduled to announce the news. Nobody expected Lidstrom to retire over the phone, so it was easy to read between the lines and figure out he was coming back for at least another season.

I would expect this to be the case with Osgood as well. He just met with Red Wings general manager Ken Holland this past weekend out in British Columbia, and if the decision was made for Osgood to retire, chances are an actual press conference would be held at Joe Louis Arena. Since this is just a conference call, I think it's safe to say Osgood has been re-signed as the team's backup goalie for next season.

Assuming the Osgood situation is resolved on Tuesday, the next order of business for Holland and the Red Wings will be to decide what is going to happen with Kris Draper for next season.