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Detroit Lions Rumors: Johnathan Joseph, Stephen Tulloch The Main Targets?

Over the past 24 hours, there has been a lot of activity in the NFL. After waiting months and months for the lockout to end, teams were finally able to start making moves by signing undrafted free agents, signing draft picks, agreeing to deals with regular free agents and making trades.

For the Detroit Lions, there hasn't been a ton of activity just yet. While they did sign some UDFAs, tell Bryant Johnson he is going to be released and get deals lined up with Brandon McDonald and Dave Rayner, that has really been it. So far the Lions haven't dipped their foot into the free agent pool, although there are plenty of rumors about possible moves that could be made in the coming days.

Most of the Lions rumors out there focus on two players: cornerback Johnathan Joseph and linebacker Stephen Tulloch. The Joseph rumors have been around for the last few days, and Chris Mortensen suggested fans should "watch out" for the Lions and Joseph, who would fill Detroit's need at cornerback in a big way.

As for Tulloch, he has been linked to the Lions for months because his time with the Titans overlapped with Detroit head coach Jim Schwartz. John Clayton tweeted that the Lions are trying to get Tulloch (and a cornerback), and there was also this report from National Football Post on Tuesday night:

According to a league source, the club is "aggressively pursuing" Stephen Tulloch, another player that coach Jim Schwartz knows well from his days with the Tennessee Titans. Tulloch made 160 tackles last season for the Titans and has not missed a game in his NFL career.

Tulloch tweeted on Wednesday, "Decisions, Decisions, Decisions." This suggests an offer may have come his way, although that is purely speculation based on putting two and two together.