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Lions Vs. Bengals: Detroit Takes 24-3 Lead Into Halftime

It may only be the preseason, but the Detroit Lions are looking very good against the Cincinnati Bengals. After one half of play at Ford Field, Detroit leads Cincinnati by a score of 24-3 thanks to two touchdown passes by Matthew Stafford, a touchdown run by Shaun Hill and a field goal by Jason Hanson.

The Lions got the ball to start the game and went right down the field to score the game's opening touchdown. Stafford found Calvin Johnson in the end zone for a 26-yard TD to cap off a seven-play, 67-yard drive that lasted only three and a half minutes.

After fumbling the proceeding kickoff away to the Lions, the Bengals once again had to try to stop Stafford, and they were once again unsuccessful. Stafford connected with Nate Burleson on a fade on 4th and 1 for a seven-yard touchdown pass, and just like that the Lions led, 14-0.

Following a field goal by the Bengals at the start of the second quarter, Hill led the offense down the field with an 11-play, 77-yard drive. He capped it off with a seven-yard touchdown run that he scored by flipping into the end zone. It was quite the play, especially for a guy who had back surgery in the offseason.

The first half came to an end with a 37-yard field goal by Hanson. The field goal unit hurried onto the field with the clock running out and successfully converted the attempt to give the Lions a 24-3 lead at halftime.