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Lions Training Camp: Players Run Gassers After Brawl Breaks Out

Things got a bit heated at Wednesday's Detroit Lions practice. After offensive tackle Corey Hilliard and defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch got into it a few plays in a row, a brawl broke out. This came after there was a scuffle because of a supposed cheap shot on defensive end Willie Young by fullback Matt Clapp.

In order to cool everybody's temper, Lions head coach Jim Schwartz ordered the team to run gassers. He said that the team just had too much energy, and he wanted them to expel it by running rather than fighting.

"We had a little too much energy during practice,'' Schwartz said. "We needed to expel it somehow so we ran for a little bit and then we got back to work. It was probably a good time to do it. It was about as hot as we can get up here and we took advantage of it."

In injury news, the Lions got cornerback Chris Houston and defensive tackle Corey Williams back after they suffered injuries earlier in the week. Cornerback Eric Wright, who also got hurt earlier this week, was once again unable to practice. Also missing from practice on Wednesday were safety John Wendling, and wide receivers Titus Young and Demario Ballard. Tight end Tony Scheffler had to leave after cutting the webbing between two of his fingers since stitches were necessary to fix up the cut.

In roster news, the Lions signed safety Aaron Francisco and waived/injured safety Randy Phillips. Offensive guard Jeff Maddux and cornerback Maurice Leggett, who were waived/injured last week, were released from injured reserve.