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Lions' Jahvid Best Taken To Locker Room For 'Further Observation'

Detroit Lions running back Jahvid Best fumbled the ball away to the Cleveland Browns in the first quarter of the game. Best didn't return to the game after the fumble, and the thinking early on was that Jim Schwartz benched him because of the turnover.

As it turns out, Best may have been injured on the play. According to WXYZ's Tom Leyden, trainers were looking into Best's eyes with light. Best stood up for a while after the examination, and after he sat back down the training staff decided to take him to the locker room.

The official word from the Lions is that Best was taken to the locker room for "further observation." Right now that's all we know.

There's no word if Best is injured or not, but based on what Leyden reported it seems like the training staff was checking to see if Best has a concussion. Considering Best has a history of concussions, it would not be good news for him or the Lions if he does in fact have one.