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Lions Roster Claim Hilee Taylor Decides To Give Up Football

The mystery over why defensive end Hilee Taylor did not report to training camp after recently being claimed by the Detroit Lions has been solved. Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press received an email from Taylor's agent, who cleared up the situation by explaining that Taylor is moving on from football.

"Hilee made a personal decision to pursue other opportunities beyond football and start a new chapter in his life," Taylor’s agent, Kevin Omell, wrote in an e-mail to the Free Press.

Had Taylor opted to continue playing and join the Lions, he would have likely competed with Willie Young for the fourth spot at defensive end. Turk McBride signing with the New Orleans Saints opened up another spot at defensive end, and it's likely that Taylor would have been in the mix to make the team.

Any discussion about Taylor and the 53-man roster is obviously now moot with him deciding to go elsewhere in life.