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Lions' Jahvid Best Misses Practice With Concussion

After leaving Friday night's game against the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions running back Jahvid Best seemed to be getting tested for a concussion. With his history with that type of injury, the concern was that Best suffered another one after taking a helmet-to-helmet from Joe Haden on the Lions' first offensive play of the game. Best didn't leave after that hit, but he did exit the game after fumbling two plays later.

Although Best seemed to be okay based on comments from him and Jim Schwartz after the game, it turns out he did in fact suffer a concussion. Best was unable to practice on Sunday as a result of the concussion, but Schwartz doesn't expect him to miss a ton of time.

"When he was originally on the sideline he was bell-rung and then he recovered pretty quickly," coach Jim Schwartz said Sunday when he was asked about Best. "Then he started to experience a little headache so we took him in (the locker room). 

"By the next day he was clearing up and I think that's a big thing. In my experience with guys that have been concussed, usually they finish the game and they feel fine right after the game, and the next day they come in and haven't slept and all the classic symptoms."

Schwartz said that Best hasn't been dealing with any of the "classic symptoms" yet, so the hope is he will return to practice "soon."