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Lions Training Camp: Jim Schwartz Thinks Titus Young Is 'OK'

Detroit Lions training camp continued on Monday with a morning practice. The Lions hit the field with all of the players who returned to practice on Sunday. That indicates there were no setbacks, although wide receiver Titus Young did leave after participating in the 7-on-7 and 1-on-1 drills on Monday. Chris McCosky said Young had his hamstring taped up and iced and was walking "stiff-legged," suggesting he suffered a setback. Jim Schwartz says that's not the case, though.

"No," coach Jim Schwartz said when asked if Young tweaked his hamstring. "It was a late practice (Sunday) and he took 24 reps. He took 34 reps today. Every time, as soon as he's done, we're going to ice it. I think he's OK. 

"We are going to do a little more each day and hopefully we get past the point of counting his reps and pulling him out. But right now that's the smartest way to do it." 

Running back Jahvid Best, tight end Richard Dickson, offensive tackle Jason Fox, defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch, defensive tackle Nick Fairley, defensive tackle Andre Fluellen and cornerback Alphonso Smith missed all of Monday's practice. Best is recovering from a concussion, and Dickson is recovering from a knee injury. Fairley, Fox and Smith are all recovering from foot injuries, and Fluellen is waiting for his broken hand to heal. Vanden Bosch sat out practice again to rest, although he wasn't exactly thrilled with being on the sideline.

Fullback Matt Clapp, offensive tackle Corey Hilliard and defensive tackle Quinn Pitcock all returned to practice on Monday after missing Sunday's session.