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Detroit Lions Officially Release Zack Follett

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The Detroit Lions confirmed on Wednesday that linebacker Zack Follett has been released. On Tuesday night Follett sent out a tweet saying he was no longer a Lion, and he also sent one that said his neck was on fire and he could no longer participate in hitting drills.

Based on that it sounds like his neck injury was the sole reason he was let go, but team president Tom Lewand says that was only part of it. The additions of Stephen Tulloch and Justin Durant and the lack of spots at linebacker also played a factor. In the end, the Lions just felt it was best for both sides to part ways.

"I just wanted to confirm the release of Zack Follett last night and thank him," said Lewand. "(It's) a credit to him that he worked as hard as he did during the offseason to be at a point where he could return to football. We made a decision that I think was in our best interest and I think probably in his best interest."

Follett posted a video on Wednesday thanking Lions fans for supporting him the last couple years.