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Detroit Lions Lineman Backus Tears Bicep On Way To Offseason, Free Agency

Veteran offensive tackle Jeff Backus finally found himself in a playoff game after starting every game of his career since the Detroit Lions selected him with their top pick in the 2001 NFL draft.

The Lions' loss to the New Orleans Saints wasn't the only pain Backus was dealing with after the game since he was forced to leave the field early after tearing a bicep muscle.

"A guy made an inside move and I went to hook him with my arm and my bicep popped," Backus said. "Simple. I knew right when it happened what happened. With the experience with my (pectoral), I knew what it felt to tear a muscle and it was the exact same sensation."

Could that be the way the lineman's career ends with the Lions? Backus is a free agent and after the offensive line issues this season, the team may make his spot in the starting lineup open for competition. While that may lead Backus to look elsewhere for a more secure role, Pride of Detroit still expects him to return next season.

6. Jeff Backus - He will be a free agent this year. I expect him to return to the Lions but he isn't a lock to start. The Lions may bring in a young tackle through the draft or free agency. Unless they have decided Fox is ready. Backus will compete for his job. The lack luster performance of the O line as a season cannot go ignored again. Many jobs will be up for grabs.

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