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Belle Isle to host IndyCar 'Doubleheader Weekend' in 2013

Detroit will be one of three cities to host an IZOD IndyCar Series "Doubleheader Weekend" event in 2013.

Jonathan Ferrey - Getty Images

Belle Isle Raceway in Detroit has been chosen as the spot of one of three IZOD IndyCar Series "Doubleheader Weekend" events in 2013. The event comprises two races, which will be run on Saturday, June 1 and Sunday, June 2. Belle Isle was chosen as a host along with tracks in Toronto and Houston.

Belle Isle last hosted an IndyCar race this past June, but the race was fraught with disaster as the track began disintegrating during the race. Scott Dixon won the race, which was forced to be shortened. The track is currently undergoing significant repairsi, which could last into December. The focus of the repairs is nearly 82,000 square feet of pavement that could not withstand the racing in June.

There are plans to further repair the track at points leading up to the Doubleheader Weekend in June, and track officials are also planning on extending the track by .3 miles.