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Michigan State getting Nike Pro Combat uniforms for basketball?

Michigan State is likely going to be one of the first teams to wear Nike Pro Combat basketball uniforms next season.

Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

In 2011, Nike debuted Pro Combat uniforms for various college football teams, including the Michigan State Spartans. According to, the Spartans will also be one of the first or possibly the first college basketball team to wear the equivalent Pro Combat uniform from Nike. This comes from athletic director Mark Hollis, who said that the special uniforms and special games are attractive to the players, which is the most important aspect:

"Our student-athletes and the future-student athletes, we're always looking for what's the next event. Where can we play? What kind of apparel is there? We're not going to change our look dramatically, but any time you do something with Nike for a special game or a special series, those are things that are attractive to the guys playing the game."

There weren't previously basketball Pro Combat uniforms, and according to the report, it looks as though the idea originated from Draymond Green in the Michigan State locker room. There are no details about what the uniform will look like, but judging by the football counterpart in 2011, it won't differ much form the Spartans' usual look. It will just be a different kind of jersey.

Hollis is a long-time supporter of Nike, and organized two college basketball tournaments in 2017 to honor co-founder Phil Knight's 80th birthday. Naturally, they'll be glad to be one of the first to don these new uniforms.