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Michigan State will have Tyler Hoover back for Michigan game

The Michigan State Spartans will have Tyler Hoover back from injury on Saturday against rival Michigan.

Jonathan Daniel

For the Michigan State Spartans, Satuday's game against the Michigan Wolverines can be simplified to one very important key: contain quarterback Denard Robinson. It's a key that has been a tall task in the past, but has been something that MSU has been able to do, containing him in their last three outings, with five straight wins over their rivals. One player who can help them contain Robinson is coming back from an injury, according to Joe Rexrode on Twitter: defensive tackle Tyler Hoover.

Hoover hs missed the past four games with a calf injury, and defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi has said that he's glad to have him back. It's unclear if Hoover will be limited at all, so keep an eye on his snap count, but he definitely helps an MSU defense that has been struggling of late.

Still, they need to get better in area where Hoover doesn't really help them, like holding on to interceptions. Michigan State lost last week, and the defense also happened to drop at least three clear interceptions, so the correlation is easy to see. Still, the pressure from Hoover will definitely give them some more opportunities to come down with those turnovers on Saturday.