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Yankees reaction: Delmon Young hits New York hard for third straight season

ALCS MVP Delmon Young has been a problem for the Yankees in the playoffs for three straight seasons.

Jonathan Daniel

The Detroit Tigers completed a four-game sweep of the New York Yankees with an 8-1 win Thursday for a variety of reasons, mainly dominant starting pitching and a Yankees offense that struggled to produce runs. But with the Yankees leery of Detroit's stars, Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder, Delmon Young became the team's top run-producer, driving in six runs in the series, the same number that the Yankees did as a team in four games.

Andrew Mearns of Yankees blog Pinstriped Bible points out that Young delivering timely hits against the Yankees in the postseason is nothing new:

Young rebounded from a poor .267/.296/.411 season to once again hit the Yankees hard in the playoffs.

Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised since he's done this three years in a row now. Young struggled to a 1-for-12 in the Yankees' three-game sweep of the Minnesota Twins in 2009, but in 10 he improved to .333/.385/.500 in another three-game Yankee sweep of the Twins before truly getting his revenge in '11 with three homers, including the game-winner in Game 3. This year, he hit .353/.444/.765 in the four-game sweep with two homers and the go-ahead RBI in each of the four games.

This postseason, Young moved into first place on Detroit's all-time list for postseason home runs, and he moved into second place on the all-time Tigers list in postseason RBIs before Miguel Cabrera passed him.