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GIF: Phil Coke glove spike

After Phil Coke recorded the final out of the ALCS to finish off the sweep of the Yankees, he spiked his glove to the ground in celebration. It was awesome.

Leon Halip

Phil Coke was once a Yankee. He won a World Series with New York, so that had to be cool, but the "Evil Empire" ultimately traded him away and he's never been able to pitch in a situation like the one he was in on Thursday night--as a Detroit Tiger, closing out a sweep of the team that gave up on him and in front of a rabid home fanbase.

Needless to say, for a guy who's already a little crazy, recording the last out of the ALCS to send his team to the World Series warranted some emotion:


After having a 4.00 ERA during the regular season and becoming just a sparsely used situational reliever down the stretch, Coke is now the unofficial closer of a World Series bound team. He has now thrown 7.1 shutout innings in the postseason with five strikeouts and two walks.

Following the on-field celebration, Coke carried his three-month old baby girl off the field in what was a more gentle moment. One day, she'll see the above GIF and shudder thinking that poor glove could've been her.