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World Series 2012: Tigers make history for lack of offense

Detroit was shut out in consecutive World Series games, and that hasn't happen in almost 100 years.

Ezra Shaw

The Detroit Tigers failed to score a run in Games 2 and 3 in the 2012 World Series, and it is the first time an offense has pulled off that dubious feat since 1919, when the Chicago White Sox did the same, according to That is the infamous White Sox team, known as the Black Sox, who threw the World Series.

The offensive ineptitude put Detroit in a three-game hole. No team has ever won the World Series after falling down 3-0, and the Tigers have continued that trend as San Francisco completed the sweep in extra innings on Sunday night,

Detroit was able to muster three runs of offense in Game 4, even taking the lead at 2-1 early. Unfortunately, three runs wasn't enough as the Giants scored in the top of the tenth to take the series.

In total, the Tigers scored just six runs in four games. It may have been fitting that their offensive star, Miguel Cabrera, ended the series by striking out.