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Denard Robinson has left 16 games with injury since 2010

Since 2010, Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson has left 16 out of 34 games with injury.

Eric Francis

Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson and his prolific offensive output seems to be limited far more by injuries than by opposing defenses.

Robinson has left 16 games with injury since 2010 – 10 games in 2010, four games in 2011 and two games this season – according to Nick Baumgardner of Since 2010, Robinson has played in 34 games. Therefore, in the past three seasons, Robinson has exited more than 47 percent of games with injury.

He left Saturday's loss to Nebraska in the second quarter and did not return after re-aggravating a nerve injury he suffered against Illinois on Oct. 13.

When on the field, Robinson's ability, both passing and rushing, has led him to the 2010 Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year and a top 10 finish in the Heisman Trophy voting. However, injuries to his hand, wrist, shoulder, legs and now elbow have limited the seemingly limitless quarterback, and Saturday's loss to Nebraska was no exception. With Robinson out, Michigan managed only 52 yards in the second half.