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Triple Crown watch: Miguel Cabrera strikes out in second at-bat

Despite striking out, a Triple Crown looks almost certain for Miguel Cabrera.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera, on the verge of the elusive Triple Crown, struck out in his second at-bat of the season's final game, against Kansas City on Wednesday. Cabrera swung at a third strike, reducing his batting average to .330. The game is scoreless through 2½ innings.

In other relevant Triple Crown action, Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout picked up his second hit of the night in the eighth inning of Wednesday's game against Seattle. The hit moves Trout to .326 on the season. Barring a late rally by the Angels, he will not come to the plate again. Seattle leads Los Angeles, 12-0, in the bottom of the eighth.

In New York, Curtis Granderson has not been able to add to his home run total after a second-inning shot gave him 42 on the season. Granderson would need three more home runs to pass Cabrera, a feat that is unlikely unless the Yankees were forced into a one-game playoff with Baltimore to win the American League East. The Yankees would have to blow a 9-1 sixth inning lead against Boston for that to be necessary.