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2012 GLI will move back to Joe Louis Arena if Winter Classic is canceled

The ongoing National Hockey League Lockout might alter the plans for the 2012 Great Lakes Invitational, via @MSU_Hockey:

The NHL announced on Thursday that the first two weeks of the 2012 regular season have been cancelled, and if the league has a prolonged labor dispute, as has happened in the past, it is likely the Winter Classic would be cancelled.

Normally, the GLI is played at Joe Louis Arena, but this year it was to be held at Comerica Park to coincide with festivities for the Winter Classic. No Winter Classic means the GLI will return to the JLA.

As of right now, the Great Lakes Invitational is to be held on Dec. 27 and 28 at Comerica Park. Michigan, Michigan State, Western Michigan and Michigan Tech will compete in the event, with two games on each day – semifinals on Dec. 27 and the third-place game and championship on Dec. 28.