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Tigers tickets for potential ALCS games go on sale Tuesday morning

The Detroit Tigers will put potential ALCS home game tickets on sale on Tuesday.

Jason Miller - Getty Images

The Detroit Tigers are headed to Oakland to take on the Athletics in hopes to secure a spot in the American League Championship series. They're got a 2-0 lead, which is unprecedented, given their postseason history, as noted by the Detroit Free Press. They've never gone on the road with a two-game lead in their entire postseason history, dating back to the 1907 World Series.

Given how the first two games have went, there's a good chance that they'll be playing in the ALCS. In advance of the actual Game 3 on Tuesday night, the Tigers will begin selling tickets for potential ALCS home games at 10:00 a.m., according to the team's official Twitter account. Fans can call the number in this Tweet here, or they can visit to pick them up.

Game 3 of the ALDS is set for 9:07 p.m. ET on Tuesday, and it will feature Anibal Sanchez taking the mound for the Tigers, and Brett Anderson his counter for the A's.