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Big Ten expansion: Mark Hollis, Dave Brandon talk about adding Maryland

Maryland's move to the Big Ten has created a stir around college athletics, but how do the other Big Ten schools feel about the switch?


Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis has mixed feelings about the addition of Maryland (and Rutgers) to the Big Ten. On the one hand, the move means new television markets, new ways to connect with East Coast alumni, and new recruiting opportunities. On the other hand, Michigan State could see fewer matchups against its traditional rivals when the Terrapins and Scarlet Knights join the conference in two years. Hollis said:

"It's a bit of a frustration for somebody who grew up in the Big Ten Conference. I think bringing Maryland in, I'm looking forward to those games. I think they're going to be great.

"I think there's going to be good competition, but who do I want to play? I want to play Michigan or Ohio State or Northwestern and Wisconsin and all the way through the Big Ten Conference. The more you dilute that, you get concerned."

Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon is less concerned. He sees only benefit for the Wolverines and their alumni. Much of the focus has been on football, but Maryland competes in 19 sports. So, although Maryland's football team isn't exactly contending for a national title, they will contribute to the conference in many ways. Brandon told the media:

"The Baltimore-Washington market selfishly for the University of Michigan is an extremely rich market in terms of the number of alums and the fans that we have down there."

Rutgers is expected to announce on Tuesday that it, too, will move to the Big Ten, giving the conference 14 teams. Rutgers was a founding member of the Big East conference.