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2013 NFL Draft order currently has Lions 19th

The Detroit Lions currently rank 19th in the NFL Draft order, sitting right outside the group that makes the playoffs.


SB Nation released it's latest update on the NFL Draft order, and the Detroit Lions currently rank 19th. That puts them right behind the Miami Dolphins and directly ahead of the Minnesota Vikings as well as on the cusp of making the playoffs.

The Lions are tied with the San Diego Chargers, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Miami for the second-best record amongst all playoff eligible teams. Detroit sits ½ game behind Minnesota, who will host the Lions on Sunday in an important divisional matchup.

All four teams in the NFC North currently own records .500 or better, with the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers both on pace to make the playoffs. The Lions play at least one game remaining against all three divisional opponents, including two against the Packers. For Detroit to improve their playoff chances, they will need to play better against their divisional opponents, as they are currently 0-2 in the NFC North.

If the Lions make the playoffs this season, how well they perform in the post-season will determine their eventual draft spot.