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Lions tie record after blowing yet another double-digit lead

The Detroit Lions became the seventh team in NFL history to lose three straight games while having led by 10-plus points in all three of them.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions are record breakers, though not all records are created equal.

Wide receiver Calvin Johnson just had his second-straight season of 1,500 yards or more, becoming the third person in NFL history to accomplish such a feat. But the Lions as a whole have a much more negative record on their hands.

The Lions have now lost three straight games in which they led by at least 10 points in all of them. That is to say, they led those games by 10 points, and then proceeded to lose, and have done that three times in a row now.

According to ESPN Stats and Info, they're just the seventh team in NFL history to "accomplish" such a "feat." On Sunday, they'll take on the Arizona Cardinals, who have lost eight straight games. Detroit, overall, has lost five straight games. At the very least, it's unlikely Detroit loses that game in the same fashion, as Arizona seemingly lacks the firepower at the quarterback and running back positions to lead a big comeback.