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NFL power rankings, Week 15: Lions continue to fall

The Detroit Lions are falling fast in the weekly power rankings after another loss on Sunday.

Tom Lynn

The Detroit Lions are 4-9, with a loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday that effectively ended their playoff hopes. Teams like the Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills and even the Cleveland Browns all have better records. Many felt the Lions were going to join the NFL's elite this season, but both sides of the ball have suffered a clear regression.

Joel Thorman of SB Nation released his Week 15 power rankings, and the Lions are falling fast. They're at No. 26 this week.

26. Detroit Lions (LW: 22, 4-9): Poor Detroit. Last year's playoff run was supposed to be the start of a new era.

That's down four spots from where they were last week, and only a handful of teams are lower at this point. The lower teams are the Kansas City Chiefs (32), Jacksonville Jaguars (31), Arizona Cardinals (30), Oakland Raiders (29), Philadelphia Eagles (28) and the Browns (27).

The best they can finish is 7-9, with three games to play. They'll be doing their best to make it happen, but they have a lot of questions coming up this offseason.