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MLB trade rumors: Tigers, Angels talking Rick Porcello?

Following the Anibal Sanchez signing, Rick Porcello becomes a valuable trade chip for a Tigers team in need of outfield help. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim may be the most logical suitor.

Ed Zurga

The Los Angeles Angels have plenty of trade chips after signing outfielder Josh Hamilton and may be looking to deal. Do the Detroit Tigers fit into those plans?

The Angels have a surplus of outfielders following the Hamilton signing. Hamilton and Mike Trout are expected to hold two of the outfield positions, leaving Mark Trumbo and Peter Bourjos to fight for the remaining spot. If that spot is given to Bourjos, then Trumbo would move to first base and designated hitter, leaving Kendrys Morales, who owns that spot now, without a place on the team.

CBS Sports baseball insider Danny Knobler writes that the Angels would like to move Morales, but Trumbo and Bourjos are certainly available as well. This is where the Detroit Tigers come in.

The Tigers are looking to strengthen their outfield of Torii Hunter and Austin Jackson, and Trumbo and Bourjos are viable candidates. Following their signing of Anibal Sanchez this past week, Rick Porcello becomes the guy Detroit is willing to move. The Angels are an outfield-heavy team in need of pitching. Detroit, vice-versa. On paper, it makes sense. Knobler writes that the Angels have been in touch with the Tigers about a possible deal.

In the wake of the two big free-agent signings at the end of the week, the Angels have been in contact with the Tigers about Rick Porcello, according to sources.

A Porcello-for-Peter Bourjos swap would seem to make great sense for both sides. But that doesn't necessarily mean it will happen.

For one thing, the Angels are telling teams that they would prefer to address their surplus by moving Kendrys Morales, rather than Bourjos or Mark Trumbo...Morales is of no interest to the Tigers, who already have Victor Martinez as their designated hitter and Prince Fielder as their first baseman.

Rick Porcello is 23 years old and started 31 games for the Tigers in his fourth major league season. He was 10-12 with a 4.59 ERA and 107 strikeouts.

Peter Bourjos (25 years old) batted .220 in only 101 games for the Angles. In 2011, his only full season, he batted .271 with 12 home runs, 43 RBIs, 22 stolen bases and 72 runs. He lead the league in triples with 11.

Mark Trumbo (26 years old) batted .268 with 32 home runs, 95 RBIs and 66 runs last season.