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Lions vs. Cardinals 2012: Detroit hits 'low point' in loss to Arizona

The Detroit Lions may have hit their low point of the season on Sunday, when they were blown out by the Arizona Cardinals.


The Detroit Lions couldn't get anything done against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, falling in a 38-10 blowout for their sixth consecutive loss. Not much went right for Detroit, and aside from wide receiver Calvin Johnson breaking more single-season records, the game had very little in the way of silver linings.

Sean Yuille over at Pride of Detroit called the loss to Arizona the low point of the season in his game recap:

Losing to a team like the Cardinals would be the low point of the 2012 season, and unfortunately for the Lions, it was this scenario that came true. Some killer turnovers and an inability to score doomed the Lions, and they managed to not only lose to the Cardinals, but they were flat out embarrassed in a 38-10 blowout.

As noted, this is their sixth consecutive loss, and they're 4-10 on the season. The best they can finish at this point is 6-10, but even that is questionable at this point. They have two tough matchups remaining, as they'll take on the NFC-leading Atlanta Falcons in Week 16 and the rival Chicago Bears in Week 17. The Bears are looking for a playoff spot and will be tough to handle.

Still, it probably can't get worse than the blowout loss to Arizona, who has lost just as many games and was coming off a 58-0 shutout loss to the Seattle Seahawks.