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Week 16 NFL picks 2012: Happy Holidays

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Here are my week 16 picks against the spread with teasers. I can't believe 'tis the season and it's almost over.

Dave Reginek

It's the holidays, so I'm going to make these babies quick. I'm in second place in my pick 'em league and started the week off 1-0 after winning Saturday's Monday Night Football game.

Falcons (-3.5) over LIONS

Fans are openly cheering for the Lions to lose games so they can have a better draft pick, but at the same time they are using these games to continue judging Jim Schwartz. That doesn't seem fair, but some fans are stupid.

PACKERS (-12.5) over Titans

CJ2K is frazzled about the company in the CJ2K nickname department, or maybe he's still gassed after that impressive 94-yard touchdown run last week.

Colts (-5.5) over CHIEFS

Jamaal Charles would start to go off after I lose in my fantasy playoffs.

Bills (+4.5) over DOLPHINS

Dolla, dolla.

Redskins (-4.5) over EAGLES

If the Eagles cover this, I'm going to snap into a slim jim on the NFL's weirdness. Or I'm going to adamantly refuse to see the movie Silver Linings.

BUCCANEERS (-3.5) over Rams

Believe it or not, this officially knocks the Rams out of playoff contention.

Raiders (+7.5) over PANTHERS

Raiders keep it within a touchdown.

Patriots (-14.5) over JAGUARS

They can't wait for Tim Tebow to show up!

Chargers (+2.5) over JETS

Unless Tebow does something weird on the eve of Christmas Eve.

Browns (+13.5) over BRONCOS

Broncos win a tough one, imagine that.

Bears (-4.5) over CARDINALS

A defense that can actually take advantage of the Cardinals' horrible offense. Plus, Jay Cutler isn't as generous as Matthew Stafford.

RAVENS (+1.5) over Giants

I'm starting to worry about Tom Coughlin's face.

TEASERS (+14 points)

Saints (+16.5) over COWBOYS

Good for the Saints for overcoming the offseason scandal distractions to possibly finish .500 this year. It's peculiar how talent trumps head coaching.

Bengals (+18) over STEELERS

One day, AJ Green might be half as good as Calvin Johnson and he'll be the best wide receiver in the NFL.

Vikings (+21) over TEXANS

Be silly, Adrian Peterson.

SEAHAWKS (+15) over 49ers

I'm strangely aroused for this festivus of kickers.

Last WEEK: 9-7

SEASON: 144-78-2