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NBA scores: Pistons fall in Wednesday return

The Detroit Pistons fell in their return on Wednesday, losing to the Atlanta Hawks, 126-119.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons returned to action on Wednesday, but they fell to the Atlanta Hawks, 126-119. They're now 9-22 on the season following the loss. It was a tough outing, given how evenly matched the game was. Will Bynum and Josh Smith both put up 31 points for their respective teams, while Andre Drummond pulled down 12 rebounds for Detroit. Smith grabbed 10 rebounds for Atlanta, while Jeff Teague and Rodney Stuckey both had 11 assists for their respective teams.

In short, the game was very evenly matched and it could have went either way. As has been the case most of the season, it did not go Detroit's way.

Monday saw no action, while Tuesday saw five games being played, one of which was the Los Angeles Lakers scoring a win to move to .500 on the season after their incredibly slow start. Wednesday saw 13 games played, including Detroit's loss. The San Antonio Spurs moved to 22-8, while the Washington Wizards fell to 3-23 on the season.

It wasn't quite a full slate of action as usual for the beginning of the week, but there was plenty to note. Check out the full scoreboard here.