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Jim Schwartz open to Lions coaching in Senior Bowl

Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz says the team is open to coaching the Senior Bowl.


Jim Schwartz and the rest of the Detroit Lions coaching staff would welcome an opportunity to coach in the Senior Bowl, according to Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press. Schwartz said that they would "embrace it," if the Lions were given the opportunity.

Schwartz went on to say there there is some insight to be gained from getting to know the players over the course of the week, and will help along their scouts' evaluations of the talent. It's a lot of hands-on experience with potential draftees.

The coaching staffs for the Senior Bowl are determined by the worst NFL records, with the draft order being a tiebreaker (and strength of schedule being the tiebreaker that determines said draft order). Detroit is set to pick at No. 5 in the draft, and they sport the third-worst record in he NFL.

The Senior Bowl is set for Jan. 26 in Mobile, Alabama.