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Michigan Football Recruiting: Alex Kozan Reportedly Still Undecided

Perhaps I spoke too soon when I said earlier that no more surprises were expected for Michigan on National Signing Day. I say that now because it appears the Wolverines may be back in the mix for Colorado offensive guard Alex Kozan, who committed to Iowa on Sunday night. According to Rob Howe of Hawkeye Insider, Kozan has not yet made a decision about where he will sign.

It's not clear why Kozan is having second thoughts, but him changing his mind and ending up somewhere other than Iowa would certainly be a surprise. Of course, he could choose Auburn rather than Michigan, but at the very least it appears the Wolverines still have a shot at landing Kozan.

A story like this is a prime example of why you should expect the unexpected on National Signing Day. Until that report from Howe, Kozan was expected to be signed and delivered for Iowa.

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