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2012 Daytona 500: Brad Keselowski Tweets During Red Flag

The Daytona 500 got a late start, and now it does not want to end.

After the original Sunday afternoon start was postponed until Monday, the race started on Monday with a crash on lap two, and now it has at least momentarily stopped due to a fire ignited by Juan Montoya slamming into a safety truck. Cars are stopped, and the race is under a red flag, via Jeff Gluck at SB Nation.

Michigan native Brad Keselowski, currently in 14th place, has kept busy during the stoppage by tweeting. Here is one of his latest tweets.

Dave Blaney currently sits in first place, and as Jeff Gluck tweets, Blaney has never won in 398 Sprint Cup Series races. The race is past the midway point, so if they cannot finish it tonight, Blaney will indeed be the winner.

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