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Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Chrysler, Clint Eastwood Pay Ode To Detroit (VIDEO)

In 2011, the general consensus was that Chrysler had the best Super Bowl commercial. It didn't feature animals, jokes or explosions, but that was the point. The commercial, which featured Eminem, highlighted the resilience of Detroit. It took on a very serious tone and introduced the phrase "Imported From Detroit" into popular culture.

This year, Chrysler followed up that commercial with another one that had a powerful message. This year's Chrysler Super Bowl commercial featured Clint Eastwood and discussed how "it's halftime in America" and it's time to fight back. In the ad, Eastwood talked about how Detroit knows "a little something about this" and how Detroit is "showing us it can be done."

Take a look:

It may not receive ratings as high as last year's commercial, but Chrysler deserves a huge pat on the back for putting together another impressive ad. It's tough to grab people's attention with such a serious commercial, but Chrysler has done it again.