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NCAA Bracket 2012: Michigan State Lands In West Region

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The 2012 NCAA tournament bracket has been unveiled. It has been revealed that the Michigan State Spartans are in the West Region as the No. 1 seed. The Spartans will take on LIU Brooklyn, the No. 16 seed in the West Region. That game will take place on Friday in Columbus.

This is the 15th straight year that Michigan State has been selected to the NCAA tournament. There was a bit of a scare last year with MSU having a rough season and landing on the bubble, but this year the Spartans are back to being contenders for the third national title in their program's history.

Here's a look at the West Region of the 2012 NCAA tournament bracket:

No. 1 Michigan State vs. No. 16 LIU Brooklyn (Friday)

No. 8 Memphis vs. No. 9 Saint Louis (Friday)

No. 5 New Mexico vs. No. 12 Long Beach State (Thursday)

No. 4 Louisville vs. No. 13 Davidson (Thursday)

No. 2 Missouri vs. No. 15 Norfolk State (Friday)

No. 7 Florida vs. No. 10 Virginia (Friday)

No. 3 Marquette vs. No. 14 BYU OR Iona (Thursday)

No. 6 Murray State vs. No. 11 Colorado State (Thursday)

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