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NCAA Bracket 2012 Predictions, Final Four Picks From SB Nation

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Ah, March. It's the time of year when everyone becomes an expert yet nobody is an expert at the same time when brackets get filled out. Every year there's a VCU or a Butler that comes along and trolls everyone, but at present everyone's bracket looks perfect to them. SB Nation has an official bracket prediction as well from Bill Connelly, and unsurprisingly he's got Kentucky winning the whole show.

Both Michigan and Michigan State are well represented in his bracket prediction, with both teams making it as far as the Elite Eight before getting knocked out: the Wolverines by No 2. Kansas in the Midwest and the Spartans by No. 2 Mizzou in the West region.

As expected, Detroit is out in the first round, though that's probably going to be a pretty consistent theme for the 15th seeded Titans in most brackets. There's a chance that they could be this year's Cinderella but they're not very high on the list of candidates.

The bracket prediction Bill puts up lacks in any real upset flair except perhaps Syracuse getting taken out in only the second round by Kansas State, but past that it's a fairly usual group of suspects with the final four consisting of No. 1 Kentucky, No. 2's Missouri and Kansas and No. 3 Florida State. His final pits the always favorite Wildcats against the Jayhawks, with Kentucky bringing home the trophy at the end of the day.

Though, judging by the last few years, Creighton or somebody is probably going to fly out of nowhere and bust everyone's bracket just to keep that trend going.

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