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Printable NCAA Bracket 2012: Track March Madness

The 2012 NCAA tournament has been underway since Tuesday, but we all know the real madness doesn't begin until the opening of the round of 64 on Thursday. Finally, after months and months of waiting, one of the greatest stretches of days of the year has arrived. Games are on from noon until midnight, and there will surely be quite a few exciting moments over the course of the rest of the week.

To track all of the madness and follow the action, make sure you check out SB Nation's printable NCAA tournament bracket. It has all of the matchups listed for the second round of action and will allow you to keep everything updated as games are played.

For a schedule of Thursday's NCAA tournament action, go here.

For more coverage of the 2012 NCAA tournament, visit SB Nation Detroit's StoryStream. Click here for a link to our NCAA bracket 2012.

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