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Big Ten Tournament 2012 Bracket: Michigan In Position To Clinch No. 2 Seed

The Big Ten tournament has been around since 1998, and Michigan has never once been seeded higher than third. In fact, only once have the Wolverines even had the No. 3 seed. For them, the top seeds in the Big Ten tournament have been unreachable.

This year is proving to be the exception. Michigan can't get the No. 1 seed in the conference since Michigan State has already clinched it, but the Wolverines have a very good chance to end up with the No. 2 seed. They can clinch the second seed with a win over Penn State on Sunday, and even if they lose, an Ohio State loss at Michigan State will give Michigan the No. 2 seed.

Regardless of what happens on Sunday, Michigan is already guaranteed to at least tie its highest ever seed in the Big Ten tournament. The worst Michigan can be seeded is No. 3 since Wisconsin is already locked into the No. 4 seed. Conversely, the highest seed Michigan can achieve is No. 2 with MSU already locked into the top seed.

In any case, we already know that the Wolverines will be on the bottom portion of the bracket and play their first game in Indianapolis in the Friday night session. Whether their game will be played at 6:30 p.m. (No. 2 seed's game) or around 9 p.m. (No. 3 seed's game) depends which seed they end up with.

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