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2012 Preakness Stakes Payouts: $1 Superfecta Pays Out $424.30

The 2012 Preakness came down to a mesmerizing final stretch, as I'll Have Another edged Bodemeister in a thrilling repeat of the Kentucky Derby finish. Though I'll Have Another entered the race as a 3-to-1 favorite while Bodemeister was set at a slightly more favorable 2-to-1, wise bettors still took home a nice chunk of change for having faith in the Triple Crown contender.

Losers who narrowly missed out on a Bodemeister victory will have to lick their wounds before June 8th's Belmont Stakes rolls around. Here are the payouts from Saturday's race, assuming a $2 bet:

I'll Have Another (1st place) - Win ($8.40), Place ($3.80), Show ($2.80)

Bodemeister (2nd place) - Place ($3.20), Show ($2.80)

Creative Cause (3rd place) - Show ($3.60)

Bettors who hit on the $2 exacta netted $18.60, while the $1 trifecta hauled in $35.40. And, for those very lucky souls, the $1 superfecta brought home a whopping $424.30.

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