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NASCAR At Michigan: No Restrictor Plates Despite High Speeds

Despite the record speeds registered at the newly repaved Michigan International Speedway during Thursday's Sprint Cup Series test, NASCAR will not be doing anything to try and slow down the cars.

Via SB Nation motorsports editor Jeff Gluck:

"We're not looking at [restrictor] plates here," said Robin Pemberton, NASCAR's vice president of competition. "... In general, the speeds will continue to go down [throughout the weekend]."

NASCAR believes that the record speeds can be attributed to the repaved track and the cool weather conditions that were present on Thursday morning. In addition, officials believe speeds will decline due to more rubber on the racetrack as well as warmer temperatures forecasted for this weekend.

Gluck notes that even if officials wanted to slow down the cars there isn't much they could do.

Turning a 2-mile downforce track into a restrictor-plate race could come with unforeseen consequences, since there's never been a race quite like that before.

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