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NASCAR At Michigan: New Tires To Be Introduced For Sunday

With record speeds dominating the early runs at the Michigan International Speedway this weekend in anticipation of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Event on Sunday, NASCAR and Goodyear have decided to introduce a new tire with the hopes of creating a safer environment for drivers. With the newly paved track allowing for drivers to reach faster speeds than they ever have before, the tires have been "blistering," which increases the chances of a blowout.

Goodyear has shipped out a new left-side tire for Sunday's race, which all drivers will be able to test out in an extended practice session on Saturday night. The new tire is more reliable and was used in 2006 and 2007 at Charlotte when that track was repaved.


"Safety is always our No. 1 concern, and by bringing this tire here this weekend, we will accomplish that goal," Goodyear's Greg Stucker said.

Each team will have 10 sets of tires for the race, which is the same amount as originally planned. They will also have extra sets to use in tonight's practice session.

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